The date of his next test flight to the ISS remains uncertain

The date of his next test flight to the ISS remains uncertain

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Time does not depend only on him.

Three! With the Crew-2 mission on April 23, 2021, SpaceX demonstrated for the third time its ability to transport astronauts from Earth to the International Space Station. The aircraft, which was owned by Thomas Baskett, follows the passengers of Demo-2 (May 30) and Crew-1 (November 16). What about Boeing? The American company is still waiting for its first flight லாமல் unmanned.

The move is necessary to advance Boeing’s eligibility, allowing one day astronauts to take its turn. In December 2019, an unmanned test flight was arranged, with the International Space Station (ISS) carrying the Starliner capsule to the dock. Unfortunately, things did not go well and the craft never reached the desired height or ended a meeting with the ISS.

Boeing Starliner
Starliner capsule built by Boeing. // Source: Boeing / John profit

A new test was postponed several times

Since then, no further efforts have been made – Boeing had to make a number of necessary adjustments to prevent NASA from repeating the failures of the first attempt. There is uncertainty about when the next attempt will come. The previous March and April deadlines have not been met and the following are imaginary.

In one Press release issued on April 17th, Boeing has stated that it is ready for its test (entitled Boeing Orbital Flight Test 2) before May 2021. However, the company is not out of luck: it is unlikely to open fire before August or September 2021. In fact, the availability of this second unmanned aerial vehicle transport rocket, ISS

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Assuming Boeing can finally continue its endeavor, it goes well, with the Starliner capsule expected to be attached to the ISS for a week, and then return to Earth, with a smooth return – and so on. . If things go right, Boeing can go to the next level: do a similar flight, but with a test team.

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