“Sound of Metal”, Belgian Double Oscar Award for Co-Production, Sound and Editing (Brussels)

"Sound of Metal", Belgian Double Oscar Award for Co-Production, Sound and Editing (Brussels)

Oscar Award for Best Editing for “Sound of Metal” by Michael E. G. Nielsen

“Sound of Metal” by American director Darius Mortar, co-produced by Belgian company Caviar, won the Oscar for Best Sound and Best Editing at the 93rd American Film Awards in Los Angeles.

Rapper Reese Ahmed played the life of a heavy metal drummer and faced his hearing loss. This work describes the musical and loving duo of Ruben, the drummer and Lou, the singer.

For editing “Sound of Silence”, Danish Michael E. G. Nielsen accepted the American Award and welcomed his country’s support. He thanked his wife and children for “allowing him to spend time with his great loving editing”.

The film was listed in five categories, including Valuable for the Top Five Films, which was given to the great option of the evening “Nomlandland”. In the lead role, Rhys Ahmed was nominated for Best Actor, but the award went to British film legend Anthony Hopkins. He was honored for his portrayal of an elderly man with dementia in old age in “The Father”.

The original soundtrack for Best Supporting Role and the original screenplay system survived “Sound of Metal” in support of Daniel Kalua in “Judas and the Black Messiah” and “The Promising Young Woman” respectively.

In mid-April, Sound of Metal was presented at the British Cinema Awards, the FAFTA, in the sound and editing categories. This feature won Golden at the Zurich Film Festival.

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