Oxygen was first created from the earth! – 24 live newspaper

Oxygen was first created from the earth!  - 24 live newspaper

The US space agency NASA recently launched the unmanned robotic vehicle on Mars, one of the most mysterious planets in the world. An entire system of ‘diligence’ is orbiting Mars.

Perseverance in the chest of Mars

After reaching two such milestones, this time NASA announced the creation of oxygen on Mars. This is the first time any other extraterrestrial planet has produced oxygen.

On the right side of the front of the diligence is a device weighing 16.1 kg. Moxie (The Mars Oxygen in-situ resource utilization experiment) was the first device to produce 5 grams of oxygen.

With this amount of oxygen, an astronaut can breathe for 10 minutes in the chest of Mars! In the future, Moxie is designed to produce 10 grams of oxygen per hour, NASA researchers say.

Mars NASAGo to NASA on Mars

According to Genius, 98 percent of Mars’ atmosphere is carbon dioxide. Oxygen is produced using this carbon dioxide.

Earlier, at midnight on February 17, the diligent rover and helicopter ‘Ingenity’ successfully landed on Mars. Then he took a few thousand pictures of the red planet and sent it to Earth.

In addition, for the first time, diligence sends a few seconds of audio to Mars. The clip on the microphone shows the sound of planetary wind and rover action.

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