Madison Bumkarner: MLP Historian endorses a game with no points or wins

Madison Bumkarner: MLP Historian endorses a game with no points or wins

Yesterday the Arizona Diamondbox pitcher Madison Bumkarner took seven innings without runs and no wins. Due to the double schedule between Braves and DeBax, the game lasted only seven innings, which is why it does not go into the record books as a game without a point or win.

However, according to MLP historian John Thorne, Bumkarner’s game should be counted. On Twitter, this is what many amateur players think.

It was not his fault that the game lasted seven innings.

On the other hand, he missed six outs. These six strikeouts are very difficult to complete, and there is no guarantee that the South will have beaten the other six players without delivering a win. He was on his organ, but the Braves still have a good list.

In two games yesterday, Atlanta scored just one win. In the first match of the doubles program, only Freddie Freeman was able to get the ball safely against Jack Callen.

Arizona manager Tori Lowlo should be proud of his men, especially his two starting pitchers. They allowed only one win and hit 13 batters in 14 innings. His attack was not idle, scoring 12 points. And his block, him … he encouraged the team.

Do you agree with John Thorne?

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  • The competition is growing in intensity.

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