In London, the Design Museum will become a supermarket

In London, the Design Museum will become a supermarket

On January 20, the opening of the Galleria Continuo in Paris caused a stir. To open this address in the heart of Marius, JR, a French photographer and videographer who called himself a big name in Italian gallery art, acquired both sites of this new space with a new concept: a gallery grocery store, food items, paintings, sculptures by the Italian food provider. Easily find videos and books by gallery artists. For two months, the exhibition piled up a steady crowd in front of the gallery’s entrance following the new signs. In the face of highly unstable corporate programming, will the food business become a new model for expressing contemporary art? However, this is confirmed by a museum across the channel: the Design Museum. Located in west London, the company is internationally recognized as a benchmark for all types of design, has teamed up with the Bombay Sapphire Gin brand to replace its regular boutique, and is the only place in the museum still accredited to welcome the public. Although the exhibition halls of British art sites are still closed due to health measures, the Design Museum is open there for five days from April 21 to 25 in a small unusual supermarket.

Because the museum’s grocery store is not like any other grocery store. Starting on its facade in front of the entrance to the Design Museum: Completely redesigned by designer Camille Valala, it is much more pop than its gray wall in terms of geometric shapes with black exteriors and bright colors. A carriage dressed in royal blue and light pink extends to the shelter, continuing with rectangles, circles and squares within the designer’s aesthetic lock, giving the impression of being immersed in a comic book, a painting From the American Master of Pop Art Roy Liechtenstein or even A place designed by the architects of the Italian group Memphis in the 1980s. “I want to make people laugh. I hope their experience is happy. ”, Trusted Kamil Walala Guardian Explain his plan. If bright colors undoubtedly pique the interest of passers-by, the store’s contents also know how to surprise them: these five days, the Design Museum signs home-made items, including food and packaging, by artists. One can buy a roll of toilet paper drawn by designer Charlotte Eddie, London visual artist Michael Earwood-Don, and a decorated rice box and a loaf of bread protected by a dream-like interpretation. Drawing. Illustrator Joey U.

Even a bottle of tea, coffee, beans, oats or gin and tonic should be found on the shelves.. Many of those who have already fallen victim to their success have seen their stocks run out since Wednesday, but the Design Museum also offers to offset a series of posters signed by artists in limited edition. “Our main thoroughfares, museums and galleries have been severely affected by the epidemic. This project is an opportunity to encourage visitors to come back and enjoy our cultural institutions in a careful and creative way.”, Comments Tim Marlowe, Director of the Museum. While waiting for its main doors to reopen, the museum’s grocery store company certainly offers an original opportunity to rediscover itself, and brings a new aesthetic that appears to be gradually conquering the art world. Last October, Paris International invested for the first time on the surface of a former supermarket to deliver its sixth edition of the contemporary art exhibition.

Supermarket: Creativity is essential, April 21-25 at the Design Museum in London.

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