If you know how to wake up!

If you know how to wake up!
If you know how to wake up!

Mathematical tips in competitive exams

The time given in competitive exams is less. More math questions to ask. Candidates must identify the answers quickly and accurately. There is no need to support this. Learning techniques is OK. If the brain is to be as active as mercury and have to do calculations – what is it to learn?

ProhibitionKing, federal government agencies, railways, insurance, etc. will be replaced by a greater number of jobs. Nearly one lakh appointments are made in these companies every year across the country. Competition for the examinations conducted at the national level to fill these job vacancies will be fierce.

Personnel Selection Commission for Banking Examinations, Central Government Jobs (SSC) About 70-80 per cent of the examinations conducted, the railway and insurance examinations are identical. The subjects, syllabi and examination system are very similar. So candidates are generally preparing collectively for all these exams. The subjects in all these are Quantitative Aptitude (Mathematics), Rational, English, General Awareness.

More questions .. Less time

The number of questions in all the exams is high and the time allotted to them is less. Generally 100 questions should be completed in an hour. This means that each question takes only half a minute to complete. So all the candidates are concerned that there will be less time in these exams. However, the thing to note is that … not all questions in all subjects take much time. Some people just need more time.

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Size efficiency is important
Mathematics or quantitative proficiency in all subjects takes more time. This gives you the opportunity to know the answer for sure and get high marks. So this material plays an important role not only in the above exams but also in almost all the competitive exams. Therefore, candidates who have a good understanding of mathematics are more likely to succeed in competitive examinations.

Training is very important

ShawIt is important to learn shortcut techniques and speed arithmetic techniques. Only when practiced well will one understand which questions to use at what time. No matter how well you learn them when you do not know it will not lead to trials. Therefore the most important subject of Mathematics / subject should be given utmost priority in all competitive examinations. The more time consuming, the more number of questions can be completed and the other less time consuming sections can be completed in the allotted time.

How to reach fast?

Shortcut methods: Marks are awarded based on the order in which the answer is obtained in the academic examinations. However, since all competitive exams are objective, it is sufficient to identify the correct answer. There is no need for a hierarchy to tell how the answer came. Therefore, various shortcut methods should be used to solve the question quickly and achieve the answer. Further shortcut methods can be used in arithmetic. A question can be fulfilled in more than one way. However these shortcut methods are all basic concepts (Basic concepts) From. So students should learn the basic concepts of all topics well.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčarithmetic techniques: In academic classes, the basic pillars of mathematics are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Calculations using these will naturally take longer. However, there are a lot of speed, math and scriptural methods that can do this fast in a very short time. Using these will save a lot of time. This allows you to achieve additional questions in the allotted time in competitive exams.

– Dr. GS Giridhar

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