Football: It’s over for the AAF

Football: It's over for the AAF

The American Football Confederation (AAF) announced on Tuesday that it has officially ended its operations under bankruptcy protection.

As a result, the team, with a total of eight teams, failed to complete the first season of its short season. Earlier this year, Hurricane Carolina owner Tom Tandon helped raise $ 250 million by injection. However, the businessman was unable to sign a contract with the NFL Players’ Union for the loan of the young footballers, so the fate of the AAF was sealed.

“We are very disappointed to do this. AAF was created as a dynamic development league based on an unprecedented partnership between players, fans and the sport. We are proud to see the players achieve this goal, ”he said in a statement.

According to a special site called Front Office Sports, AAF claims assets of $ 11.3 million. Her total debts would be .3 48.3 million, leaving her with only $ 536,160.

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