वैज्ञानिकों को मंगल की सतह के नीचे सूक्ष्म जीवन के मिलने की उम्मीद है. (प्रतीकात्मक तस्वीर: shutterstock)

Today’s microbes can be found on the surface of Mars – research has shown why

Scientists have not yet found any sign of life on Mars. But at least beneath the surface of Mars, he hopes he will definitely get signs of life in his history. But new research suggests evidence of such chemical potential could be found in rocks on the surface of Mars, which support microbial life in the depths of the earth.

Not under the surface?
At this time NASA’s Persistence rover is searching for signs of ancient life on the surface of Mars. Meanwhile, this new study suggests that below the surface of Mars, it could be the most suitable place to find life. It is noteworthy that no attempt to detect signs of life on the surface of Mars has so far been successful.

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Meteor gestures

The study, published in the journal Astrobiology, looked at the chemical composition of meteorites that fell to Earth after landing on Mars. These stones exploded from the surface of Mars and fell to Earth. Their analysis shows that if they come in contact with water, they will produce the chemical energy needed to support microbes as they walk the earth.

Excellent ability
Because these meteorites cover a wide area of ​​the surface of Mars. The investigation shows that there are likely to be conditions for survival on the surface of Mars. The study was led by Tarnes, who is currently a researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and holds a Ph.D. from Brown University.

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Researchers have studied meteorites from Mars to Earth. (Index Photo: Shutterstock)

Adequate chemical energy
According to Tarns, the biggest thing in surface science is that wherever there is water underground on Mars, there is a good chance that there is enough chemical energy to support microbial life. “We don’t know if life ever began on the surface of Mars,” he said. But if it had started, we think it would have had the energy to sustain it to this day.

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The biosphere of the earth
In recent decades, scientists have discovered that the deepest parts of the Earth are the largest biospheres, often disconnected from the world above. The sun’s rays do not reach here. The organisms here use by-products derived from the chemical reaction of water and rocks.

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No evidence or signs of life have yet been found on the surface of Mars. (Index Photo: Shutterstock)

The process of survival
Radioactive elements react with water to form other elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is soluble in water. Minerals such as pyrite absorb sulfate-like minerals by absorbing oxygen, and microorganisms use sulfate’s oxygen to burn dissolved hydrons as fuel.

Astronomers have discovered a 20-million-year-old asteroid has struck Earth

The researchers studied meteorites from Mars and NASA’s Curiosity rover with data from other spacecraft, and found that the meteorite had all the elements necessary for such life. There is no rise on the surface of the earth on Mars, so the old situation there has not changed. In such a situation, the chance of getting life on the surface of Mars becomes stronger.

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