SpaceX: Thomas Basket dresses made by a great Hollywood costume designer

SpaceX: Thomas Basket dresses made by a great Hollywood costume designer


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They go into space in style. A team of four astronauts, including Frenchman Thomas Pesket, set out to join the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday, April 23rd. A trip on the Crew Dragon capsule, built by the American company SpaceX, which ended on Saturday, April 24, and was made with new clothes and details Lollipop.b. There were no “bibentum” cases from the first astronauts, and now astronauts are departing in style: fitted cut, designer helmet and black boots.

SpaceX, the company of eccentric billionaire Elon Musk, did not offer the opportunity for this new high-end aircraft. To conclude the show, its teams now invite a famous Hollywood costume designer to decorate the four members of the tour: Jose Fernandez. The latter is known to have imagined costumes Batman, Captain America Or Black leopard. The costume designer, who initially believed it was “a joke”, finally accepted the job.

Pajamas “

He has designed safe and stylish comfortable equipment. Suits are a piece, a new design, because usually gloves and helmets are separated from the rest of the outfit. However, this new dress is very practical and very functional, detailed Europe 1. It also features touchscreen gloves to allow astronauts to use on-board tablets.

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A dress that pleases the Frenchman Thomas Basket. During the first match, the latter praised a “suit” that could be measured as “comfortable as pajamas”. A costume worthy of the greatest sci-fi movies and you have to get used to it: The mission of the four astronauts within the ISS is to last six months.

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