What are you saying! Canon, Nikon, Epson live in photographer’s bungalow; Read the abandoned story of ‘Click’

Click Bungalow

What are you saying! Canon, Nikon, Epson live in photographer’s bungalow; Read the abandoned story of ‘Click’

Satara: Everyone has a desire to do something different in life. Everyone is trying to live their ‘life’ differently. Sometimes he fails, sometimes he succeeds. In all of this, however, he is determined to find happiness and contentment. Everyone has a hobby. Some like music, some like painting, some like dance, some like games, some like going for a walk. But, a photographer developed his hobby through his house … in a very different way … the ingenuity of this photographer has taken everyone by surprise. The shrines he fought for are certainly making waves on social media.

Many people today love their business and come up with the idea of ​​finding something different from it and feel the ‘Camera House’! Yes, the house of the camera .. The camera that supported you throughout your life, built your world .. Many captured the moments of the world with the camera .. It is a little difficult to ask who will build identical houses with the camera; But this is true. This photographer loves his cameras so much that he gave his kids the names of the camera companies. Not only that, he has also made his house the size of a camera. Ravi Hongal (50) is a professional photographer from Belgaum, Karnataka. He built a three-story house for his family. This house is built in the shape of a camera. It was renamed ‘Click’.


The Hongle couple have named the camera brand for their children. The boys are named Canon, Nikon and Epson. Hangal to build a house will cost Rs 71-72 lakh. You will also find ‘view finder’ and ‘lens’ shaped windows on this house. You will also find these home engraved movie strips, flash and memory cards. Ravi Hongal has been photographing since 1986. He sold his old house, borrowed some money and fulfilled his dream of a unique home. From the outside, the house looks like a camera, but the interior decoration and lighting inside the house is also amazing. Therefore, this house is a center of attraction for many. Currently, this house is also being appreciated on social media.


Traveling in the camera world is so sweet

“Our dream has come true,” says Ravi’s wife Kiruba. Living inside this camera is a very pleasant experience for us. I am so proud of my husband for enjoying this sweet moment. He says this unique organization is a great gift for my family. He also says that the unique camera shape of the house, the grand decoration of the interior, the lights make the house even more attractive when viewed from the outside.

Dr. who built the house for books. Do you know these things about Babasaheb Ambedkar? Then, you know ..

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