Our nearest galaxy produces the largest flame ever recorded, 100 times more powerful than similar flares found in the Sun.


23 abr 2021 21:14 GMT

Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf star about four light-years from our solar system, and has at least two planets, one of which resembles Earth.

The team of scientists found The largest combustion ever recorded Proxima Centauri, also known as ‘Alpha Centauri C’, is the closest neighbor to our Sun. Communication The University of Colorado (USA) in Boulder this Wednesday, which led to the investigation.

Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf star – the name for a type of star. Unusually small and clever– It is located about four light-years from our Sun and has at least two planets: Proxima Centauri B, which looks like the Earth, and Proxima Centauri C, an extensive astronomer.

After observing space objects for 40 hours over several months in 2019 using nine ground – based and space – based telescopes, researchers found that Proxima Centauri emitted a flare – a radiation explosion that starts near the surface of a star – it “One of the most violent galaxies ever seen“, reza Study published in letters in The Astrophysical Journal.

Scientists search for extraterrestrials investigate a mysterious radio signal coming from a star near the sun

“The star has returned to normal 14,000 times brighter It can be seen in the UV wavelengths in a few seconds, ”explained Macrigor.

Moreover, this expansion is about 100 times more powerful than what is seen on Earth’s sun. Scientists have pointed out that over time, that energy could Destroy a planet’s atmosphere It also exposes life forms to deadly radiation.

Their discovery points to “new physics that could change the way scientists think about stellar explosions” and may contribute to the search for life beyond our solar system, the researchers said. “If there was life on the planet closest to Proxima Centauri, it would be very different from Earth,” the astronomer said. “There will be a difficult time for a man on that planet“, He insisted.

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