LeBron acts as an incredible blind man from the NFL superstar

LeBron James a réagi à l'hommage de DeAndre Hopkins, qui portera le n°6 en son honneur

LeBron James has always been very focused on the NFL. He knows all the big shows, and he gets along well with a lot of players. Also, one of the biggest names in American football will pay a vibrant tribute to the king next season. The latter apparently reacted.

How do you know if an athlete is an icon? Look at how many players wear his number to pay homage to him. Michael Jordan For example, like LeBron James, there are many disciples with n ° 23 on the back, the most famous of all. Kobe Bryant Since it disappeared, with the most widespread n ° 24 …

With the current influence on the NFL, there is no doubt that King will inspire the next generation of basketball players as well! In fact, after a change in the rules that allow attackers other than quarterbacks to wear single-digit jerseys, superstar Andre Hopkins has announced that his next magazine will pay tribute to LeBron!

I’m going to put out No. 6 like LeBron James in Miami

Apparently, the king responded to this announcement:

LeBron James And NFL, this is a great love story! Not only was King honored with one of the best players in the league (he also wore the Hopkins No. 6 at the NCAA in Clemson), he The question was raised by the nails of American football for a possible place on the Lakers list ! If LeBron had loved this game so much, if this game had loved him so much, it would have been because King could have made a better life there… talent appeared there anyway!

If Diandre Hopkins takes 6th place on his back like LeBron in Miami, he will have to crush everything in his path. Anyway, fans of Arizona Cardinals can rejoice in the news!

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