In 2021, there will be many events to celebrate Australia in Goddard

Déjà adopté par Cherbourg, l
Already accepted by Cherbourg, the tribal arts will also be at the Abbey of the Summer in the summer.
Already accepted by Cherbourg, the tribal arts will also be at the Abbey of the Summer in the summer. (© Jean-Paul Barbier / La Presse de la Manche)

From June to one year, The Australian government is celebrating in Australia now in France. Every year, a different country welcomes This “public diplomacy” plan It exemplifies “Australian diversity, creativity and innovation”.

City Cerberg (Some), Which went closer to Australia Since signing the submarine construction contract with the Navy Group, Contribute Australia now Through many events, knowing that some people are “under existence”.

An exhibition at the Abbey of the Oath

At exhibitions, concerts, festivals, conferences and forums This was released on April 19 by the Australian Embassy in France, Will happen in some coding. Thus in the summer of 2021, “Jarrachara, Dry Season Sale”, an exhibition of textile art from Arnhem Land (Northern Australia), hangings made by tribal artists.

Many aspects of Australia are expressed with a select and original project from cinema to dance, including art, sports, life art and gastronomy. On both sides of the antidote, artists, personalities, cultural institutions, universities, cities and regions are committed to sharing Australia with a wider audience across France.

Embassy of Australia

Coming l’auteure Tara Jun Winch, Winner of the Australian Concord in 2020, Miles-Franklin Prize and other Australian writers organized for literary meetings in Cherbourg in October.

The Australian Embassy also announced in July that it will be touring Cerberg. A folk music festival, «Phoenix Fox Blues Festival – Breeze Oz Stallion Tour.

City, for its part, have confirmed their participation in Australia now, but are still waiting to reveal more.

The entire program is online:

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