The Atlético Nacional se pleases, by river

River Plate, who dominated the crowd, stretched out his arms to him and slipped into victory. Meanwhile, Atletico talks about its effectiveness in getting rid of the National Catalica, where Santa Fe and Jr. have been good friends.


For more than an hour, there was only one team on the Maracan pitch. Possession control, doubles Enzo Perez – Augustin Palavesino commands the tempo brilliantly, River Plate Presented by Marcelo Gallardo Completely a Fluminence Then he relied on some improvements in his diamonds, Keiki and especially Louis Henrik, but could not. When Montiel opened the scoring from the penalty spot, we didn’t see how Fluminence Anything could be saved, he was forced to send long balls, the chain could not make some passes against the opposite pressure. Despite this notion of total domination, River Didn’t really manage to create clear opportunities for himself, the best break left for Bore, and two events are going to change the game: the theatrical entry of former member of the House Juan Casares and the ‘exit of one’ in Pallavesino’s two cerebral hemispheres created by Gallardo. The former is superior in the middle and capable of finding openings in depth a Fluminence Who ran after the ball. The second exit marked the end of match control for the spectators. So, in a stupidly lost balloon, River The former Leonois decision led to a long duel between Fred and C காceres, even though Gallardo tried to attack the numbers, Corn There were some fears before he finally resigned himself to being satisfied with a draw.

In the 100% Colombian fight of the night, the perfect activity is Santa Fe. The two Colombian outsiders hoped to take advantage of the balance Fluminence And River Take command of this group. Failure to side though Santa Fe, Would certainly be a little less frustrating. Hard to move, a habit of the Cardinal Club, the winner of Sudamericana 2015 did not lower his head half an hour after Freddie Hinestrosa’s opening score, scoring on the first real opportunity Jr.. The most avoidable mistake by Titta in the box was that it almost arose Santa Fe Kelvin Osorio returned with a converted penalty. For the rest we were bored. Jr. Throughout this semester, without any real idea, press for ten minutes after returning from the locker room, even with one more player in the last quarter of an hour following Carlos Arpoleda’s exit, before dying completely. Santa Fe The content was to defend, prevent the opponent from building, and try to use a few blocks. But Bogot does not have the number nine in the club, capable of turning a harmless siege into a goal or at least a dangerous opportunity. Rangel came out fast as soon as he arrived, and Ramos’ position for a continental match was not clear. In the end this point is an excellent function Santa Fe Who will receive Fluminence There will be difficulties in height with a shot to play against a Brazilian team in Bogot next week. Jr. His side will definitely suffer against River And Gallardo in Argentina next week. One thing is for sure, both Colombians have shown very little tonight to believe anything other than third place.

If the national shock has disappointed, Colombia can still count on its locomotive, the best chance for a good course at Libertadores:National Athletics. In front Catholic, Alexandre Guimares Men showed off their football and exposed their qualities: defensive solidity, ability to build patience and the ability to attack with acceleration. If Catholic Jambethri did nothing to open the scoring and it only took a few minutes for the locals to kill the match. First the ball was sent to Jefferson Duke from a corner, the center of which fell at the feet of Andres Andrada, and then from Baltomero Berlasa on the deep pass to Duke, the attacker became the target of the break, thus the end of the incredible thirty-three passes! 2-0 at the break, The Purslane They used themselves to first resist any attempt to return Crusaders Then at one point he climbed again and settled in the opposing camp, especially trying to strike through the corridors. Without an answer, The Catholic De Boyd finished the game at ten, and soon she had to resign herself to a very strong opponent.

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