Sunrise / UPC Link: Some Interesting Figures From Opinion

Sunrise / UPC Link: Some Interesting Figures From Opinion
UPC / Sunrise to get customers from performance competitors!
OpenSignal Analyzes Ability to Get Customers from UPC / Sunrise Competitors!

The merger of Sunrise and UBC is expected to have a major impact on telecommunications in Switzerland. Consulting firm OpenSignal, known for its speed tests, used its data to estimate the rate of its users from each of Sunrise’s rival mobile operators, who used UBC as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). In fact, there is a significant energy here …

“We found that the vast majority of our users who used UBC as an Internet service provider relied on operators who did not have UBC or Sunrise (or its subsidiaries) for their mobile connectivity.” That obediently observed with interest This report Completed at the end of 2020.

Salt and danger?

“One in five salt mobile users, we have identified an ISP and used UPC as their ISP. Based on the Sunrise / UPC merger, our data suggests that the integrated company has the potential to try to impress this subgroup of our user site with mobile / landline bundles, ”OpenSignal notes.

Salt is at the lowest rate of open users due to the delay in landline, they relied on it for their mobile and landline services. However, most of Swisscom’s mobile customers use it as an Internet service provider. This is not surprising considering the historical role of the Swiss com in this section.

Significant efficiency

At the end of its analysis, its accuracy is directly linked to the quality of its data, with Obesignal noting that Sunrise / UPC actually has significant potential. OpenSignal has also found that as long as Swiss com and Salt users are satisfied with their mobile experience, they are less likely to crave a mobile / standard broadband bundle …

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The history of the last few years has shown that it is not easy to please customers from your competitors. Even when salt prices break down, it is not clear after various issues, especially when changing its billing method. UPC / Sunrise Marketing really takes a lot of effort …

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