In London, the Design Museum defines itself as an "art supermarket"

In London, the Design Museum defines itself as an “art supermarket”

Touching works of art is strictly forbidden in most museums, but not in the Design Museum in London, which found the parade and changed its souvenir shop. “The world’s first supermarket designed by an artist“Despite the restrictions attached to Govit-19, the re-opening of essential products. Rice, coffee or even masks are packaged in packages designed by ten artists.

Brightly colored jars and cans are neatly lined up on the shelves to create clean lines. Opening on April 21st and ending on April 25th, the proceeds of the exhibition will go towards funding for artists and designers.

A customer speed control "The world's first supermarket designed by an artist".  (Justin Dollis / AFP)

Tim Marlowe, director of the Design Museum, emphasizes that the exhibition makes it possible to question what is considered essential in everyday life, even if the non-essential stores are able to reopen on April 12th. “Isn’t creativity necessary?“, He asks himself.”The confusion that shops, gymnasiums and hairdressers were able to reopen and that museums have to wait until May 17th“.

He recommends visiting to support the culture despite the epidemic. “This is actually a work of art“, Speaks of pride”A completely different experience“Includes”A fun element, an important element and a serious cultural aspect“.”You can buy essential food items at competitive prices“Mr. Marlowe told the AFP,”It’s about discussing who benefits, who finances, and culture“.

Tin cans designed by Japanese artist Kentaro Okara.  (Justin Dollis / AFP)

Due to the series of closures imposed by the epidemic, the Design Museum has lost 92% of its revenue, but so far மில்லியன் 3 million (4 3.4 million) is thanks to government funding.

According to Tim Marlowe, who was able to formulate this new concept in two months, the cultural sector will play a key role in the post-epidemic world. “I would like to emphasize the relevance of museums. We will not limit ourselves to one event“, Assures the director.”Our mission is to address and address the issues we face after an outbreak“.

Budgets are tight in the creative field, but creativity is everywhere“Camille Valala, one of the designers at the center of the exhibition, confirms and appreciates its excellence.”New site that allows artists to present their works“.

Kamil Walala promotes an exhibition "Happy", Another way of presenting art.  (Justin Dollis / AFP)

With his colorful costumes and his large yellow, red and blue jewelry, the London artist – whose goal “Take happiness seriously“- Set the tone clearly for this light scene.”People should come because it is exciting to leave your home and see and be inspired by art, which is a joyous exhibition“, She begs.

This is “Integrating works of art into everyday productions: People buy them and keep them as an affordable work of art“, She explains, looking”A great way to present art“.

The museum shop offers only essential products to deal with postponing exhibitions.  (Justin Dollis / AFP)

Peter Williamson, 64, agrees: “I passed every day and they were curious when I set up this fake shop“, He agrees, he agrees”I like the cart stand system“.

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