Byron Buxton has a thunderous start to the season

Byron Buxton has a thunderous start to the season

After a good 2020 season, some fans doubted that Byron Buxton would continue in his series in 2021. After 12 games this season, the Minnesota doubles center fielder is lying to his opponents, knowing the early season.

He maintains a .432 batting average, all of which can be done on the court. He can punch for power, he runs very fast, he is very defensive.

He was the first center fielder to score and maintain at least 430 after Jim Edmunds SLG From .970 in the first 12 games of the season. Keep in mind that Mike Trout is playing in the same position, and has not (yet) accomplished these feats in his career.

When I say he can hit for power, it’s because he can hit the ball with more force. This season, he is in third place with the average speed at which the ball leaves his stick. Only Judge Pete Alonso and Aaron beat him. So he is in very good company.

We can see tremendous progress in his game in recent seasons, especially in terms of power. The chart below proves my point: in 12 games this season, he has already hit six home runs. He is on a journey to get his best season.

He has only ten homers from his record, or 16. If injuries do not come to bother him, he still has 145 games left.

In short, a full start to the season for him. He is definitely one of the few players in the league and he enjoys more power and speed in his game.

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