Biden promises to be “carbon neutral by 2050” more than China 10 years before the US media poured cold water on the change of president and his resignation.

On April 22, the US Leaders Climate Summit was held in video format. At the invitation of US President Biden, President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote address via video conference at the summit in Beijing.

The summit is the first meeting between Chinese and US leaders since Biden became US president. It is an international high-level meeting chaired by the United States and attended by Chinese leaders. An American scholar said: “This is undoubtedly a good starting point for improving relations between the two countries.”

US President Biden hosted the Climate Online Summit, attended by President Xi Jinping.

US President Biden hosted the Climate Online Summit, attended by President Xi Jinping.

In his address to the crowd, Xi Jinping pointed out that the United States welcomes many countries back to the climate governance process. China and the United States have released a “joint statement to respond to the climate crisis.” China looks forward to working with the international community, including the United States, to improve global environmental governance.

“In the face of unprecedented difficulties in global environmental management, the international community must take unprecedented ambitions and actions, take bold responsibility and work together to create a community of human and natural life,” President Xi Jinping told the summit.

China also noted that it would take less time than other developed countries to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. China has previously set a target of reaching its peak of carbon emissions by 2035 and carbon neutrality by 2060.

Biden chaired the climate summit.

Biden chaired the climate summit.

Biden wants to be a global leader again, and proposes a carbon neutral target for China in 10 years. In his speech, he announced that U.S. carbon emissions would be reduced by 50% to 52% by 2030 compared to 2005. He added that the United States will reach the carbon neutral (net zero emission) target by 2050.

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Biden said in his speech: “The United States is not waiting. We are committed not only to our federal government, but also to our states, cities, large and small businesses, and American workers in all sectors.” He said: “There is no such country. We can solve this crisis … we must stand up.”

Biden also said that responding to the climate crisis was an “extraordinary economic opportunity.” “When I talk about climate, I think about employment. In our response to climate change, there are tremendous jobs and economic opportunities.”

It is noteworthy that during the Obama administration, the United States promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26% from 2005 to 2025, directly doubling Biden’s new target since the Obama administration.

The New York Times pointed out on the 22nd that the political objectives of the summit were very clear. Biden wanted to prove that his predecessor Trump’s approach to the climate issue was extraordinary, and wanted to announce that “America is back.”

A senior U.S. A government official told the New York Times that Biden’s new goal was to encourage other countries to take further action. The Washington Post pointed out that Biden’s action “puts pressure on China, India, Russia and other major carbon emitters.”

But the goal is so easy to say, whether it can be achieved is another matter. Some American media outlets have questioned Biden’s ambition. Although Biden proposed these goals as part of the U.S. return to the Paris Agreement on Biden management’s ambitious emissions reduction plans, they have not been tied, and the Biden administration has not yet discussed how to achieve these goals. Aim to start a specific project.

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From the Bush administration’s withdrawal from the “Kyoto Protocol” to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the “Paris Agreement”, the United States has repeatedly repeated its climate concerns, making many countries doubt its commitment.

The report notes that since Biden took office in January, the US Congress has made little progress in legislating to encourage the United States to achieve the 50% emission reduction target by 2030, and that the Biden administration has not formally proposed major new climate regulations. And his cuts to the Platoon target will certainly be criticized by Republican lawmakers and some businessmen.

Opposition Republicans fired directly. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement: “Americans do not need arbitrary obligations, they do not need a democratic” command and control “approach. This approach will not solve the problem of global emissions. Before a real problem, it weakened our economy. “

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