Who came back? Out? Not sure?

Who came back?  Out?  Not sure?

Every evening of the season, many of you ask us if this athlete is present or does not come to the evening game, so we will provide you with daily updates, updated live (from 00 hrs- 1 hrs). It will help your imagination or even your challenges.

As a general rule, we will not mention that a player is still out for several weeks, however we will declare a potential return. Note that a player may have announced, last will be activated at the last minute or in the evening. So do not hesitate to iron.

01h00: Orlando Magic – New Orleans Pelicans

  • James Ennis (Calf) should not play
  • James Johnson (admission) should not play

01h00: Milwaukee Bucks – Philadelphia 76ers

01pm: Boston Celtics – Phoenix Suns

  • Kemba Walker will play
  • Jason Todd will also play
  • Jaylan Brown (shoulder) should not play
  • Evan Fournier out
  • Robert Williams left
  • Tario Saric (ankle) uncertain
  • Jay Crowder left

02:30: San Antonio Spurs – Detroit Pistons

03h00: Chicago Bulls – Charlotte Hornets

  • Nate Darling left
  • Troy Brown Jr.

03h30: Dallas Mavericks – LA Lakers

  • Anthony Davis will play
  • Mark Kasol (finger) Uncertain
  • Marquef Morris (ankle) to play
  • Have to play tennis Schroeder (ankle)
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