Israel: Sirens warn of possible missile attack near nuclear reactor ? :

A Reuters reporter heard an explosion a few minutes before a military text message 90 kilometers from the scene. Sirens sounded in the Abu Grenad district near the Timona nuclear reactor.

Sirens sounded near the Dimona nuclear reactor in southern Israel’s Abu Grenat district, the Israeli military said without providing further details.

From a reporter Reuters About 90 km from that place. An explosion was heard just minutes before the military text message.

These siren alerts are general They are activated after a rocket attack. He said the origin of the Israeli military radio attack was initially unknown.

According to Reuters, Abu Grenad It is deeper into Israeli territory than the usual range of Palestinian militant rockets in the Gaza Strip..

Israeli media have been reporting for weeks that air support is being strengthened in the Dimona area and the Red Sea port of Elat as a precaution against long-range missile or drone strikes by Iranian-backed forces.

Tensions are high between Israel and Iran over Tehran’s nuclear program and the recent escalation of sabotage attacks.

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