Harry Potter tour to learn about trance personalities

Harry Potter tour to learn about trance personalities

For years, Potterheads may have known The Coltron, which provided events, especially around the history of Harry Potter. Mixing sessions It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

This time around, The Coltron has teamed up with a charity to imagine a very special and all-encompassing event. Like the London touring tours, the magic map also offers a tour of the Soho district, which is fitted with a magic wand as a guide.

Guide Exploratium, which allows visitors to create their own magic wand, serves as the starting point for this special visit. Following their magic card, participants will be stopped at different points, where they will be invited to use a magic wand to discover some facts about the place.

What makes this tour special is that it focuses on trance, bizarre and non-binary personalities. The windows of each stage present their stories that are not really known.

« As a business run by bizarre individuals, it is very important for us to set role models in our community, which promotes trans visibility and gender diversity, while pursuing our goal of creating spaces. Inclusive and secure Says Matthew Courtland, co-founder of The Countron.

Of course, this attempt is unrelated to the transcendental comments of author JK Rowling, which was disconnected from a section of his readers.

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