Fear in the United States

Fear in the United States

U.S.n The man is dead. Another will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Justice in the case of George Floyd is just in time for a United States emerging from the Trump era. Politically, this gives the Biden administration a period of time that is entirely dedicated to reviving the economy and bringing a little more racial equality into everyday life. In this sense, the cycle of protests and repression could have significantly affected Joe Biden’s “New Deal” 2.0, the major projects he had anticipated. Morally, it helps to pacify souls. For the time being, millions of black Americans fear that American justice is not systematically against them.

Rest will be short-lived. Across this vast country of 330 million people, black parents, from the rich to the very underprivileged, continue to teach their children how to reduce the risk of having their head poked out every time.

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