Two future MLP stars in Commodore uniform

jack leiter

As the next MLP draft approaches, many college opportunities are set to build their final momentum before the big day. As of 2021, many of them are pitchers, two of whom are members of the Commodores team at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

What never happened in the history of the draft was to see two college round committee members selected for the first two places. However, this year, Vanderbilt has two great pitchers who can reach it, Jack Leider and Kumar Rocker.

For now, the rocker has turned out to be the best choice overall. He has won the first seven games of the current season, and in his first nine he has played eight, with 55 strikeouts averaging 1.64 in 55 innings.

For his part, Jack Leider also presents impressive figures this season. Some will say he is better than his sidekicks. He was in a scoreless game against South Carolina last March, having scored 16 strikeouts on his own. This is the first start of the season. He did the same before his second, at the expense of the University of Missouri, was replaced after seven innings. My colleague Pascal Harvey also closed the end of a series of devaluations that ended in Louisiana.

His seven wins in eight games, with averaging 0.55 and 84K, were enough to turn heads, and the heels of the draft were an excellent CV.

One of Commodore’s scouts compared the level of competition in 1961 with the Yankees’ Mickey Mandil and Roger Morris. “Two men who are clearly elite in what they do,” he said.

In the months leading up to the draft, it’s definitely interesting to see where they go and what form they land in. The question now on the lips of league scouts, especially the Pirates and Rangers, is simple as to which teams have the first two choices, respectively: who is the best? So they have until July 11 to make the final decision.

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