Dépité, Steph Curry réagit à la raclée subie par les Warriors NBA

“Step is not in my top 20. Dirk Novitsky is ahead of him.”

Stephen Curry is now in the shape of his life. The leader continues the XXL shows, to the extent that his name starts to climb in the all-time rankings of some journalists! But for one of them, the idea of ​​seeing him in the top 20 players in history was frantic. It may even be behind some names … questionable!

As the days go by, the NBA will be the same. In recent times, every Warriors game is equivalent to a monument cardboard box Stephen Curry Marked with more than 10 long distance shots! Uncertain of meeting the Sixers Monday with an ankle injury, the Golden State Point Guard gritted his teeth to come out A new berserk competition !

Except, Almost all NBA players were speechless Before the amazing achievement made by the chef on the floor of one of the favorites at the end of the season! Now a question arises: but where will it stop ?! At this rate, the point guard could make a bad comeback on an MVP run, which was considered excluded Joel Empiat And Nicola Jogic!

The worst thing is that Stephen Curry changes all the time rankings of multiple viewers! Already considered the second best leader of all time, he could eventually win as one of the top 10 players in history in the minds of some … but far from this notion except Baileys. To the journalist FS1, The chef is not even in the top 20!

Here are all the players I put before Stephen Charles in the top 20 of all time in the NBA. I have Hakeem Olajuwon, Oscar Robertson, Julius Erving In my opinion they are all better than Stephen Carrie today. I have David Robinson, the second leading scorer of all time, Carl Malone, I have Bill Walton

Bill Walton dominated the NBA Finals and took the extra hand on his own! I have never seen Stephen Curry do this! I have never seen him perform on the biggest stage! I still have Dirk Nowitsky in front of Stephen Curry, who won the MVP title in the final for him. Jerry West is great too.

To the Rheumatologist of the Chain Avoid Baileys FS1, Winning the MVP title in the final is a remarkable achievement in all time order, it can be understood … but it is not the only criterion … Stephen Curry’s transformation of basketball should also have an important weight in the debate, taking into account some of his specifics Can stop itself in front of names …

Stephen Curry, like all the other superstars in the league, will not be fully appreciated after him Withdrawale. Will he be in the Skip Palace Top 20 by then? Probably, unless he wins the MVP title of the final!

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