Netflix produces a series adaptation of the 39 Steps novel with Benedict Cumberbatch

Netflix produces a series adaptation of the 39 Steps novel with Benedict Cumberbatch

Written by Laura B. April 21, 2021 6:53 PM Updated April 21, 2021 6:53 pm

Netflix has a new series of works in the works, which is an adaptation of “39 Marches”. The video-on-demand site produces a 6-episode series adapted from the spy novel, by Benedict Crumbatch.

After Sissy, The Roman39 steps“!
Netflix Film production continues to increase Series.
The US site Deadline reports that Walkway ReadyAdaptation of “39 styles “and Series With Benedict Cumberbatch In the main role.

39 steps“A Spy novel Published by the British in 1915 John Buchanan. Alfred Hitchcock, a novelist who has already attracted the 7th art since 1935, turned the story on the big screen. Also, in 1959, Ralph Thomas did the same.

It’s been more than a century since its release Given Becomes one Series.
A TV fiction For that Netflix site Developed by German Edward Berger And with Benedict Cumberbatch In character Richard Hanne.

Novel “39 steps“Tells the story of Richard Hanney, a Canadian who wanted to assassinate a mother-in-law who was pursued by Nazi spies and British police.

Benedict Cumberbatch – It has already been conducted Edward Berger In SeriesPatrick Melrose“- Already rubbedSpy. In fact, the British actor will be appearing in the film soon. “A normal spy“He explains wonderfully.
In addition, it “Designated offender“With Tahar Rahim.

The Series, Who will count 6 chapters 60 minutes, not filmed until next year.
So we have to wait a while before we see the end Netflix.

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