He was the one who was hit in the neck by an octopus he was filming

He was the one who was hit in the neck by an octopus he was filming

Met an Australian geologist “Geologist tough octopus in the bay” When he bathed with his camera on the Australian beach in Dunsboro. Lance Carlson, surprised by the aggressive behavior of the octopus that first attacked a seagull, wanted to film the octopus, which also struck him.

After hitting the geologist twice, the animal left him Significant red marks on neck and back of neck, Related Huffington Post. The father shared a video on his Instagram account where the animal shows a certain aggression. In the title of the video, Lance Carlson says it all Octopus He and his daughter were attacked for the first time, and then for the second time when he found his home “among the crab carcasses”.

Misdiagnosis of Australian He expressed a number of reactions from experts and cephalopod experts who responded to his video They misunderstood the octopus’ very unusual behavior, Which is said to be the octopus Tetricus, which is common in Australia. One of the comments suggests watching the documentary My Octopus Author: The Wisdom of the Octopus In Netflix, to understand the “psychology and motives” of the animal.

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