Coding - Technical Science - Lime dust to cover the sun to control global warming

Coding – Technical Science – Lime dust to cover the sun to control global warming

Harvard scientists were not allowed an experiment in geopolitics in which lime dust is released into the atmosphere, thus beating up some of the sun’s rays.

The test will first begin in February, when white powder is scattered ten kilometers above the Orange Space Center in Kiruna, northern Sweden. This would have been mankind’s first sharp attempt to cover the sun, believing it could control global warming.

It is very shaky.

However, ideas about geoengineering and the large-scale technological manipulation of the Earth’s climate have been taken seriously in scientific circles for some time. The goal of all zeal is that even if we shift to completely renewable energies and reduce the amount of additional atmospheric carbon dioxide of human origin, the greenhouse effect will still have an impact for decades to come. So with direct methods,

The climate must be artificially cooled,

In order not to get rid of global warming.

The appointed advisory committee has now called for a halt, which will certainly immerse the Harvard people in public debate. Scopex Project. Needless to say, a project of this size is not just for scientists, but for products released into the atmosphere that generally do not take into account national boundaries. Now, at best, they can only start next year Tests.

On paper, Such simulations seem attractive in computer simulations Theories. Among them, snow white powder school lime also gets complete confidence. There is a lot of neutral substance that is not harmful to humans. No one has denied its reflection.

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But we do not know the long-term effects of reflecting the sun’s rays. Ordinary people can think immediately Snowfall The project has become a bit overdone and has been welcomed worldwide. Although such a scenario can be dismissed, scientists say large-scale artificial geological interventions are highly controversial and controversial for many. Even in them.

In addition, sharp ethical questions arise: On what basis do we disturb the Earth’s sensitive climate system? After all, to the best of our knowledge, we also cause global warming by burning large quantities of coal and oil. Now he has expanded into a global cooling project We are.

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