Suspended flights, isolation ... How France fights against Brazilian diversity

Suspended flights, isolation … How France fights against Brazilian diversity

In the middle of the third wave, France did not want to take any risks. The government on Monday announced a series of measures to prevent the P1, which is wreaking havoc in Brazil, to curb Brazilian diversity, while the Science Council wants to tighten curfew orders in Guyana, the French department said in a statement.

Isolated for attendance

Faced with concerns about variations of the Covit-19, France will introduce mandatory ten-day isolation for travelers from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and South Africa, Matticon announced on Saturday.

Flights with Argentina, Chile and South Africa are being maintained, while Paris announced on Tuesday that it was suspending flights with Brazil to curb the spread of a local variant known as P1, which is considered highly contagious and dangerous. The suspension will be extended until Friday, April 23rd.

Travelers from these countries must comply with mandatory segregation.

Travelers from these countries must comply with mandatory segregation.

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To justify maintaining flights with Argentina, Chile and South Africa, Paris says the presence of variations there “does not reach the level seen in Brazil”. But passengers from these three countries, and Brazil, will now have to be isolated for ten days, with restrictions on departure times and increased fines.

The move will be implemented gradually until its full entry on Saturday. “A verification system will be set up, before boarding and after arrival, to ensure that the presence of an isolated area in accordance with health requirements and isolated compliance checks is carried out at home by the police or the National Gendermary in the event of non-compliance with the increasing isolation of fines,” Madnigan said.

Flights have been suspended between Brazil and France

In an emergency, Prime Minister Jean Costex announced on Tuesday, April 13 that he would suspend flights between Brazil and France. A suspension has been extended including Friday.

Pollution “accounted for 80% of the variation of British descent and is now less than 4% of Brazilian and South African varieties,” Health Minister Oliver Warren explained to the National Assembly. “These variations are less contagious than English because they extend to him across the landscape,” he declared.

The Secretary of State for European Affairs said that for the repatriation of French people from Brazil, France would “operate on temporary solutions and return by special flights, for example, when there is a justification”. Clement Peon 1 in Europe.

Antigen tests for travelers from Guyana

The Interior Ministry announced last Thursday that travelers from Guyana had been subjected to “antigenic tests” in France for the first time as a precaution. In addition, passengers must be present when boarding a PCR test for less than 72 hours, it recalled.

Guyana shares a 730 km border with Brazil, mostly across the Oyabagh River. The river boundary has been closely monitored for several months in order to prevent population movements. According to the leader, Theory Kfelக்k, “Variation B1, Brazilian said, represents more than 84% positive models today”.

On Wednesday, government spokesman Gabriel Atoll explained that the suspension of flights between Brazil and the metropolis “apparently led to measures to strengthen border control between Brazil and Guyana”, which are already subject to restrictions already in place abroad. He did not rule out the possibility that “additional measures may be taken for areas affected by the variance”.

The Science Council wants to impose a curfew order in Guyana

The Science Council recommended for its part to present a curfew order in Guyana. The comment, dated April 16 and published online on Sunday, recommended that “the organization responsible for advising the government on measures to prevent the prolonged risk of Brazilian variance” should be “taken into account in the summer”.

Therefore, the extension of imprisonment until Sunday, with the exception of trials before any trip to the city or the French West Indies, was effectively announced to several municipalities in the area on April 16, and the progress of the curfew order during the week from 19 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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