“Shank-C and the Legend of the Ten Rings” releases its first films

"Shank-C and the Legend of the Ten Rings" releases its first films

More than two years after Marvel Studios announced, Legend of Shank-C and the Ten Rings It releases its first images on April 19th. A good surprise for the fans of Maison des Idis presented by Simu Liu (Kim’s facility), Translator of Shank-C and American media It.

Legend of Shank-C and the Ten Rings (Legend of Shank-C and the Ten Rings) The first film dedicated to MCU’s Asian superhero. In the comics Shank-C is the son of Fu Manchu, a notorious criminal, who was able to survive for two thousand years, the elixir of life (the elixir of life). Kung Fu Master and Super Spy, his best control C [l’énergie vitale] This allows the human body to go beyond the physical limits.

In the picture, Shank-chi’s father is called வென்வு And Tony Leung (In the mood for love), A Character created for MCU. Simu Liu will also share the poster Aquafina (Crazy rich Asians) Katie, her best friend, is unaware that her best friend is the godfather of crime.

In addition to releasing the first movie poster, Marvel Studios has released the first trailer.. Before the release of “Soon”, what will increase the patience of the public and Marvel fans Legend of Shank-C and the Ten Rings.

Legend of Shank-C and the Ten Rings – The First Trailer

Details about the summary

In columns ofIt, Learn more about the history of the film directed by Testin Daniel Greton (The way to justice): “An Epic That Combines Family Drama with Action and Gravity-Breaking Martial Arts” And “The first part of the film is dedicated to Shank-chi’s youth, trained to become a killer under his father’s training. Then he leaves and builds a normal life in the United States”, until his father …

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