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US opening ramp co-founded by Lebanese worth $ 1.6 billion

Ramp was founded in March 2019 by Eric Clayman and Kareem Adiye.

Ramp was founded in March 2019 by Eric Clayman and Kareem Adiye. D.R.

The American start-up ramp joins the world’s smallest club of unicorns, with these young shoots worth more than a billion dollars. Founded two years ago by Eric Clayman and Lebanese Karim Adiye, the meteor hike for Fintech set a record for New York City.

The New York-based start-up, which offers business payment cards and cost management software, has a $ 116 million stake in venture capital fund D1 Capital Partner and a $ 115 million fundraiser with online payment company Stripe. The new injection comes after two fundraising campaigns that helped raise $ 30 million in Series A and $ 8 million in seed capital from well-known investors such as Silicon Valley Keith Rabois. Valley, LinkedIn, Square Investor Yelp and PayPal.

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But Kareem Adi is not his first hit. “Eric and I co-founded Paribas, which is a start-up that allows consumers to save money by automating their refunds if an item is purchased by Capital 1 in 2016 in the event of a fall in prices,” says alumnus Kareem Adie, of Harvard University for electrical and computer engineering courses. Of the College of Notre-Dame de Jamhor last.

“Through the ramp, we wanted to offer payment cards based on a single” cashback “service that allows customers to reimburse a portion of their costs by card. We wanted to create additional functions for the user to save time and ultimately reduce costs,” explains Young Entrepreneur.

Today, the company, which already has “thousands” of customers, wants to go further in decision-making support, according to its co-founder. “Our goal is to help our users make the right financial decisions by providing real-time access to their costs and balances. Ultimately, we hope that some results can be automated using artificial intelligence,” says Kareem.

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