The way of apron part 2, the sequel is coming soon

The way of apron part 2, the sequel is coming soon

The real surprise of this April on the American giant stage is that the way to the armor is to get a Part 2 that everyone is looking forward to. Netflix’s new anime never surprises. The way of Apron Part 2 will use the same codes as the first 5 episodes aired so far. The sequel is fast approaching, even though the style of the animation has more than one stop (PowerPoint way, yes).

When will Ephron’s way return to Netflix?

5 episodes are a little short. Netflix is ​​well aware of this. So the anime coming from Mosquito Ono’s manga will see a sequel. Based on the production rate of Japanese anime studios, you can see that our Yakuza will be transformed into a housewife in 1 month and a week. Please note that in Japan, it is only a guess to know that this type of animation airs once a week (hence a new episode per week).

If you want to get way 5 new episodes of April Part 2, it will be the week of May 17th. But this is only a guess and not a statement by any means. Part 1 is available on Netflix from April 8. In the program, there are “only” 5 chapters, which bring together thirty paintings. Do you dream of renewing the adventures of Tatsu? The manga is available from the Ghanaian versions.

Surprise! Netflix Announces Season 2!

Directed by Chiaki Kone, the anime follows an iconoclastic style far removed from the standards of Japanese animation. It works! Netflix was determined by the director’s job, and quickly ordered a second season. Netflix Japan just released the information.

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When will this second season be released?

Here again, fans need to be a little more patient. In fact, Season 1 is not officially closed, so production of Apron Season 2 will begin after the airing of the second part of the first season. Suffice it to say that it has not yet come to tomorrow.

What do we know?

For now, we know nothing about this second season. Number of episodes, date of broadcast. We have at least one piece of information for you: The voice cast for Season 1 will obviously be updated for all sequels. We hope new characters appear.

Finally, know that there are currently 7 blocks in the manga. The first 5 episodes of the series cover the first 3 volumes. The path of the apron part 2 should then cover the remaining 4 blocks. What about Season 2? Waiting for a new story or new volumes of manga?

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