Shortage of electronic chips worsens, Stellandis plant in Rennes closes

Shortage of electronic chips worsens, Stellandis plant in Rennes closes

The production line at the Stellandis (PSA) plant in Rennes, which produces the 5008 and C5 Aircross, will be closed until Monday, April 19th. Problem: Interruption in supply of electronic components. According to some estimates, the situation that has plagued the automotive sector for several months now will last until 2023.

    Rennes Factory - La Janice © Stellandis
Rennes Factory – La Janice © Stellandis

No vehicles will be coming out this week from the Janice factory south of Rennes, usually with nearly 400 models coming out on a weekly basis.. The manufacturer actually faces one Lack of “BSI” (Intelligent Service Box) They are supplied by a subcontractor, which suffers from a shortage of semiconductors. The situation where Stellandis tries to manage as much as possible for several weeks. ” We have a crisis section, which determines their allocation based on the site. So far, Rens has not suffered much: only two production sessions have been canceled. U pointed out and assured the Group’s communication service to our colleagues in the Oyster-FranceNo backlink of orders.

“A global crisis” it will last a long time

« This The global crisis It doesn’t just affect our team. “He wanted to clarify Stellandis to the regional daily. In fact, a study by the Federation of Automotive Equipment Industries (FEEW) found, 84% of OEMs are currently suffering from a shortage of electronic chips, with 92% reporting delivery delays. According to some estimates, the situation will last a long time …

Reports from the best manufacturers last week were not promising. CEO ofIntel In an interview with the Washington Post, he said the global shortage of electronic components will continue About two years The U.S. company, a global semiconductor manufacturer, has announced a $ 20 billion investment to build two factories in the United States.ui can meet strong demand by 2023.

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Taiwanese microelectronics company DSMC also said last week that it hopes to deliver more productivity to its customers by 2023.. Seeing strong demand, the company has decided to invest $ 100 billion over three years to increase its production capacity. ” By 2023, we will begin to see a slight easing of the (சற்று) supply chain. “When announcing the panel’s results, its CEO said.

Finally, the American Nvidia Confirms these estimates. In a statement, its chairman Colette Grace is still optimistic and believes itSignificant improvement could be felt after the first quarter of 2022.

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