Emerging Australian pedal

The country-continent on the other side of the world has always been very sport-oriented. The Australian puts physical activity at the center of his interests. In this context, Paddle him, Which won many athletes at home, was a remarkable entry Australia.

With such growth, a Australian Patel Federation (ABF) Created for the purpose of promotion Patel across Australia. In terms of numbers, it will open 25 pedal clubs in major cities so that more than 60% of the population can access the tracks.

The Australian Pedal Development Program also includes conducting international competitions. Australia has already hosted 5 FIP tournaments in 2020. This is part of the logic of pedal development, even in the difficult health environment we experience in Europe.

External paddle court in Australia

Australian players are here! Once they get involved in this addictive new game, they will no longer unleash their scams. With the growth in the number of centers, players have new opportunities to express their new interest.

Here is a complete overview of Australian pedal centers:

The courts are often outside because the climate in Europe is not ours: they cannot be covered up or at least kept covered.

Source: Australian Patel Federation website and Facebook FIP

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