Google has been accused of deceiving Internet users into collecting location data

Google aurait trompé certains utilisateurs de téléphones équipés de son système d

The US company will have to pay millions of dollars in fines.

Google has violated a law that tricks users of the Android operating system into collecting location data on small devices, an Australian court ruled on Friday.

American technology company must pay fines “A few millionRod Sims, director of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), said the dollars in the case had been taken to court.

A federal court has ruled that in 2017 and 2018, Google deceived users of phones and tablets with its Android operating system.Location History.

In particular, it does not mention that Google does not authorize trackingWeb and application functionalityLocation data is included as part of a separate system on their devices.

Numerous studies around the world have shown that the collection of location data on Android and iPhone devices is done without the knowledge of users or their explicit permission. Such data is especially valuable for advertisers who offer products and services based on location. According to Mr Sims, this is the first decision made in the world.

“An important success for consumers”

«This is a significant success for consumers, especially those who care about their online privacy, as the court ruling sends a strong message to Google and other companies: big business should not deceive their customers.“, He estimated.

In his conclusion, Federal Court Judge Thomas Thawley said:Area“ACCC accepts complaint against Google.”The company’s behavior would not have fooled all sensible usersIn his service. However, GoogleMisdirected or may mislead some sensible users“And”It does not matter if the number or proportion of sensible users may or may not beTo establish guilt.

ACCC wants $ 850,000 (10 710,000) fine for violationA few millionDollars, Mr Sims said on ABC television. Google, for its part, opposed the decision, which, according to Giant, excludes some. “Public hearingsIt only affects the ACC and some users, and said it was considering the possibility of an appeal.

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