Three extreme events to see in North America

Three extreme events to see in North America

Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 9:07 AM – Many different realities are now firmly rooted in the United States. Here are three opposite events to look out for next week.

Record the heat

In recent days, a pronounced atmospheric ridge has settled comfortably in western Canada. British Columbia is therefore under an exceptional thermal regime and records temperatures and temperatures of 20 C.

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In addition, numerous heat recordings were observed in the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

It only occurs about once every ten years in western Canada.

This remarkable softness should be well established in this region of the country until the middle of next week.

Beware of snow

There is a different view of the east and center of the North American continent. Atmospheric ridge is actually having side effects in other parts of the region, forcing freezing winds toward the Canadian Prairie on Sunday before it begins to slowly descend into South America.

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Minimum temperatures may approach frost in some areas and be negative in many parts of the United States. The snow may return late.

Such frost winds and heavy rainfall can be detrimental to crops, especially after sunset. The freeze may be recorded again in the next few days.

From drought to flood

Florida will be the scene of the most significant breakthrough. Now, almost half of the state of Florida is unusually dry, while drought rule has begun over the past few weeks. There is also the risk of fire in particular, which is a trend that will change in the coming days.

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By Wednesday, a fixed low-pressure system will be dragging significant amounts of rain into its wake, with a chance of shadow quality of up to 150 millimeters in some places.

In addition to landslides, flash flooding and flooding can occur in some places. So the journey will be difficult.

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