Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are partners on a romantic trip to London

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are partners on a romantic trip to London

Accessories, a cocktail in hand, Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde used the reopening of pubs to meet together. Step ” Glass The couple will be seen in a bubble in west London on Wednesday, April 14, while the English are out of jail for several months. Formerly of Jason Sudekis Shared an outdoor dinner and a few drinks. He says the two seemed very close in this intimate setting. “They were very comfortable, sitting away from other customers. Lovebirds” smiled into their ears, “he says.

If they did not formalize their love, they still showed some signs of affection. In the evening, the actress is said to give a loving kick under the table to her boyfriend’s leg. “She crossed her legs and slowly pushed against him. They stumbled completely,” the anonymous source referred to as “Mirror”.

Recent History

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Surprised everyone in January 2021, When they see each other holding hands at a friend’s wedding. Singer and actor One Direction met the handsome English director on the set of his film “Don’t Worry Darling”. He then left a nine-year relationship with actor Jason Soodikis, with whom he was Two children aged six and four.

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