Saint-Nafari. “Point of Point, Australia”, new exhibition in the media library

Saint-Nafari.  "Point of Point, Australia", new exhibition in the media library

For her second exhibition, Isabel Cherni, president of the Saint-No’Liveres Association, has once again chosen an enlightened and unique amateur, Christophe Theroupix, whose works are sure to impress all art lovers. Meeting with an artist named Christophe, all of the works on display in the media library are more colorful than anything else. Where does your inspiration come from?

In Australia, in 2019, during my honeymoon trip with my wife Larry, I discovered this country with its legendary places. Alice Springs, among other things, is the famous land of the tribe, where art is everywhere; In art galleries, of course, but also on the street.

So your cross is relatively recent …

I have always loved art. For example, I tried my hand at sculpture, and my work as a salesman in a paint shop, especially in the field of fine art, helped me realize this desire that had long been in me: to paint.

Your style is very specific. Can you explain your technique to us?

Everything inspires me in these artistic features of the natives, the colors and especially the famous points, which especially fascinated me in this original art.

For the amateur, this is a total change of scenery.

This is the desired goal. I create with the recollection of everything I have discovered: Ayers Rock Mountain in Uluru, sacred to the tribal people and the undeniable symbol of this country, across the most famous bay, across Sydney, not forgetting the great coral reefs, underwater, breathtaking view of life and water, you never tireless postcard.

Sounds like Australia has always marked you. Life in France should seem sluggish to you, right?

I will not go one day without thinking about this country and its citizens, to extend my dream, when I feel like it, I choose a canvas – I like big shapes – I choose colors, I do not know what it is naturally going to do, inspire me Let me lead. Music also helps me a lot to disconnect from reality.

For a total change of scenes, the exhibition will be visible until May 7, at the opening hours of the media library.

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