Large buildings built unnecessarily because they were never used

Large buildings built unnecessarily because they were never used

Setting up a facility requires a lot of expertise, a lot of money and skilled contractors. But despite them, not every project was a success. The biggest failure is if a building or infrastructure facility is left there during its construction or built completely unnecessarily. Unfinished or abandoned “ghost projects” often turn out to be scary reminders of past events, but also exciting tourist attractions. In our talented collection, we collected some of these.

Throughout history, unfinished projects have been the “qualifications” of a politician or ruler. However, even in modern times and today, there are failed investments, the common reasons for which are mis-investment, unfavorable political or economic situation, wars or natural disasters.

For example, California Laddu vhíd It’s nothing straight. It was built in the San Gabriel Mountains in 1936 with the goal of connecting the San Gabriel Valley with Wrightwood, California. At the beginning of construction, the bridge and associated highway are planned to be one of the most beautiful roads in the United States. However, this is nothing. The East Fork Road to the bridge was washed away in 1938 by a major flood. Thus, two years after it was completed, they left the bridge forever in the middle of the desert, without even crossing a bridge. The nothing viaduct has since become a popular destination for hikers and pace jumpers.

In our package, we present some additional features that were built but not used afterwards, as well as were dropped shortly before its completion by its makers. Click on the image!

Click the image to see other failed projects!Source: Wikipedia / Victorocha

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