Extra troops to Afghanistan to return Dutch troops safely  Domestic

Extra troops to Afghanistan to return Dutch troops safely Domestic

The caretaker cabinet decided this Friday afternoon during a cabinet meeting. The moment they jump is amazing. Earlier this week, NATO and the United States announced the withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan.

A press release from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs shows that the Dutch military must move in exactly that direction to ensure secure revenue. Withdrawals take place from May 1st to September 11th. Reinforcement is to prevent Taliban attacks from taking place during departure.

The Taliban may be under attack

Until May 1, the Taliban will no longer abide by the agreement not to attack NATO troops. This is related to the fact that an agreement was reached that the troops would leave the country before that date, if many conditions were met. Eighty soldiers have been waiting for NATO mission in northern Afghanistan since February.

“The expected worsening security situation is the reason why the NATO commander asked the Netherlands to deploy 80 troops in northern Afghanistan,” the statement said. “They need to strengthen the security of NATO forces already there. These soldiers are contributing to the proper shutdown of the mission and the safe return of Dutch troops from Afghanistan.”

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