At least eight people have been killed in a shooting in Indianapolis

At least eight people have been killed in a shooting in Indianapolis

Since he arrived at the White House, he has indicated that he is developing his response to a series of accusations against the new president of the United States, Moscow, which included a massive cyber attack and further interference in US elections in the United States. Last year. . He assured his opponent in the Kremlin that he was more determined than his predecessor, Donald Trump, who was accused of being complacent on all sides.

Revenge fell on Thursday, and they were fierce.

The 46th president in U.S. history has repeatedly signed sanctions that would allow Russia to retaliate, which could have “strategic and economic consequences” if it continues or promotes its actions for international instability, the White House warned in a statement.

As part of the decree, the US Treasury has banned US financial institutions from directly purchasing loans from Russia after June 14.

It also banned six Russian technology companies accused of aiding and abetting Moscow’s cyber intelligence operations.

This is in response to the massive cybersecurity of 2020 used by vector Solarwinds, an American software publisher, whose product was stolen to introduce vulnerability among its users, including several US federal organizations. The Biden administration has formally blamed Russia for the attack, which it has already suggested.

NATO “Support”

In addition, the White House says the Treasury bans 32 companies and individuals accused of trying to “influence the 2020 presidential election” on behalf of the Russian government.

In addition, the US government, along with the European Union, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, has imposed sanctions on eight individuals and entities “associated with the continuing occupation and repression in Crimea.”

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For its part, the US State Department expelled ten officials from the Russian embassy, ​​some of whom were accused of being members of the Moscow intelligence service.

All of these sanctions are aimed at holding Russian officials accountable after Russia provided budget charges to the Taliban for attacking US or foreign troops in Afghanistan.

These allegations were put off by Donald Trump in the face of leaks. So, this is the first time that Washington has gone so far as to accuse Moscow of playing a role.

But the White House is only vague that the matter is “managed by diplomatic, military and intelligence channels.”

The sanctions come on top of the first series of punitive measures announced in March against seven senior Russian officials, in response to the poisoning and imprisonment of rival Alexei Navalny.

NATO countries immediately expressed their “support and solidarity” with the United States “after announcing measures aimed at responding to Russia’s instability.”

Summoned by the American ambassador

This is one of the most serious attacks on Russia since the expulsion of several diplomats at the end of Barack Obama’s term. The answer did not take long.

“Such aggressive behavior will receive a strong denial. Responding to sanctions is inevitable,” Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned. The U.S. ambassador to Moscow was summoned by authorities for a “tough conversation”.

“The United States is not prepared to accept the objective reality of a multipolar world that relies on US domination and sanctions and interference in our internal affairs,” the spokesman lamented.

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Russia has already warned that the adoption of new sanctions will not “favor” the Biden-Putin summit.

The Kremlin appears to have been disappointed after being satisfied with the possibility of such a summit proposed by the new democratic leader in the “Third Country” and “in the coming months”. The offer was made during a telephone conversation between the two leaders this week, marked by a U.S. warning following the massive deployment of Russian troops across the Ukrainian border.

The most spectacular move announced on Thursday is expected to have a limited effect on debt, with limited debt and reserves in Russia exceeding $ 180 billion, boosted by its hydrocarbon exports. However, it will hurt the ruble on Thursday fall, and is already in trouble since the first sanctions adopted in 2014.

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