We know the end of the Windows 10 Sun Fence deadline

We know the end of the Windows 10 Sun Fence deadline

Chronology This is one of the most unique (and less successful) features of Windows 10. It was launched in 2017 and will be coming soon after, apparently, Microsoft is not happy with its reception. Everything refers to the fact that the next big update of Windows 10 is known by a code name Sun Fence, Marking the end of the timeline. At least we know.

Windows timeline: a death forecast

Introduced by Microsoft today Create 21359 On the Windows Insider Dev channel. One of the best innovations End of support for chronological synchronization between Windows 10 devices. However, at least for now, the latest operational history will continue to appear chronologically locally.

This novelty does not surprise us, especially with what happened in November last year and when Microsoft decided to remove the timeline feature from the boot.

As Microsoft Built-in 21359 notes, users can access their browsing history from any browser, as well as their latest files and documents through Office and OneDrive.

Sun Valley: Destruction and Creation for Windows 10 Spiritual Restart

Timeline will not be the only victim of the Sun Valley. For now, we know that Microsoft will give one Great step when it comes to 3D functions, Stops pre-installing the application 3D paint Removes the 3D Objects folder from File Explorer.

However, you should not be disappointed by this news. The Sun Valley will produce more than it will be destroyed, this one In-depth redesign of the operating system We are already starting to see the form New icons. In addition, it incorporates new functions like this Opportunity to run the PC when it detects our presence.

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It is important to remember that We have not seen the majority of surprises so far This will bring the next great update of Windows 10. It will be in two or three months when Microsoft hosts a special event that will explain all the news of Windows 10. Windows 10X. The Sun Fence promises to be more than an upgrade. It wants to be back and forth on Windows, “Spiritual Restart” for Windows 10. Time will tell whether he will do it or make a good effort.

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