The Kremlin reacts to US sanctions against Russia – Brenza Latin

Iran reaffirms opposition to renegotiation of nuclear deal - Brenza Latin

‘We condemn any aspirations for sanctions and consider them illegal. In any case, the mutual policy is valid in this case. We want to see our interests better, “said Peskov.

The head of the Russian president’s press office is seen as a ‘possible leak’, with reports from the US media warning of new sanctions by Washington against the Eurasian nation, which is expected to be released on Thursday.

‘It is clear that there is no smoke without fire, and we often talk about some kind of leak in American newspapers. We have not yet commented on the newspaper reports. We will wait for any official decision to be announced, ”he said.

Peskov warned that if new US sanctions were imposed, they would not facilitate a meeting between Russian presidents Vladimir Putin and US President Biden.

“It is unclear whether sanctions will in any way contribute to such a meeting,” he stressed.

Earlier, Bloomberg, an American media outlet that specializes in financial matters, said new measures against Moscow included restrictions on Russia’s sovereign debt.

CBS television commented that sanctions on the new White House would be announced today, affecting more than 30 Russian organizations, and that at least 10 citizens of the country would be expelled from the United States, according to Washington sources. The CNN channel reported that the expelled Russian ambassadors from Washington and New York would have 30 days to leave the country.

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