Rams: Aaron Donald assault charge | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Rams: Aaron Donald assault charge |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

NFL Aaron Donald (DD, Rams) was charged with assaulting a man outside a nightclub on Saturday night. According to KDKA’s Melina Rhoder, a person named Divincent Sprix has officially filed a complaint.

According to Sprix and his lawyer Todd Hollis, he and Aaron Donald clashed at a nightclub in Pittsburgh, which annoyed the Defender of the Year. Things would have escalated outside where Donald became aggressive and stabbed him.

The story may be a story, except that Sprix will suffer after being told of serious injuries (trauma, broken arm, 16 stitches). The photo below is interesting in any case (sensitive souls depart).

At this point, the Rams reporter told Josina Anderson that they knew the facts and that they were investigating. Donald did not officially respond.

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