Derek Sue refuses to testify at his trial


So the George Floyd murder trial is now closed. Inquiries will continue Monday with requests and then pleas.

Former police officer Derek Suu Kyi said Thursday that she refuses to testify at her trial in connection with the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year. So the discussions are now closed.

“Today I demand my right to the Fifth Amendment,” he said, referring to the right of any person charged in the United States not to provide evidence that could convict him.

Derek Chavez, 45, was accused of killing George Floyd on May 25, 2020, in the neck of an African-American 40-year-old for more than nine minutes in a drama that sparked historic racism in the United States.

A verdict at the end of April

His lawyer admits that he is not guilty and that George Floyd, suspected of passing the fake $ 20 bill, died of an overdose with heart problems.

The proceedings were in the third week and security heard its witnesses on Thursday. The arbitrator is expected to deliberately withdraw after hearing requests and petitions on Monday. The verdict of the judges in this extraordinary hearing is not expected by the end of the month.

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