Adam’s Pike: A “superhero” Royal Oak

Adam's Pike: A "superhero" Royal Oak

D.Undoubtedly, Adomers wants to surprise Puiget. It will appear where we least expect it. Iconic watches are one of the most important watch brands to ensure its popularity and success, Swiss production may be content to ride the Royal Oak wave to ensure a quiet everyday life. But now, its general manager, Franசois-Henri Bennahmias, does not appreciate the custom. And the courage to explode intelligence in the form of heart attack.

A clock born from an encounter

The best example of this courage, as Marvel wears colors, is the new piece the house has just released. Yes, Marvel, this universe full of superheroes, the forces of science fiction have not done much with the technique of Swiss best surveillance production. Still, the saving has actually happened. But there is nothing supernatural about it. On the contrary, it all started with 100% human friendship, between the CEO of Adomers Piquet and one of the American actors in the cinematography saga. “My first attempt to collaborate with Marvel was 15 years ago, but it was in 2017, thanks to an unexpected conversation with a longtime friend, and it all came to fruition. This is yet another testament to the fact that the most motivating collaborations are born out of a coalition of diligence and strong human relationships,” says Franுவாois-Henri Bennahmias. This friend is Dan Sedil, actor Colonel Rhodes, Appeared in the alternative “war engine” Iron Man 2 In 2010. « When Franுவாois told me he wanted to collaborate with Marvel for a long time, I replied: “This is not the case now or ever. Let’s call them and make your dream come true! ”As an avenger and longtime friend, it was given. “

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Look for inspiration “elsewhere”

This obvious feeling is also experienced in Adomers Piquete, where we are reminded of the brand’s ability to free itself from symbols: “This alliance with the comic book company once again demonstrates the ability to seek inspiration from the world. – Watchmaking beyond the world of finesse, especially drawing from pop culture and entertainment. In fact, over time, the house has developed interpersonal collaborations with celebrities from all walks of life, including Jay-Z, Michael Schumacher, Serena Williams, Svetlana Zakharova, Luhan and LeBron James.

The clock of a hero and the Black Panther

So, how does this opening clock look with its roots in Marvel Pantasmagoria? Admittedly, this model is driven by a movement equipped with a flying turbine, which is immediately elevated to the standard of hot horror, but it does not have any specific functions related to one or another of the superpowers of the heroes. Comics or big screen. Expressed in link format. In the heart of the watch we see a 3D silhouette that identifies the character of Black Panther who was discovered in cinema in 2018. Seems to be ready to jump off the dial, the superhero is carved in white gold and hand-painted (30 hours of work!) Creating a spectacular environment of black and purple. In the background, a hard titanium decoration can be created with black and gray PVD treatment, echoing the Black Panther decor, as well as the openwork barrel (at 10 p.m.). Here is a watch that, with its tight lines and color harmony, ensures a strong visual presence on the wrist. And generating a lot of talk on social networks …

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Esprit Vibranium

Produced in a limited edition series of 250 pieces (a unique edition was auctioned on April 10, the day the clock was launched, for the benefit of a long-term educational program set up by Adams Piquet with nonprofits First Book and Asoka), the Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tube 42 Driven by manually wounded 2965 placed in the heart of the case. According to the watch’s designers, the choice of materials, titanium, white gold, ceramic and the treatment of different surfaces evoke an imaginary metal element vibranium in the Marvel universe. As Franசois-Henri Bennahmias confirmed, their imagination is sharp: “This joint adventure offers many more surprises.” To be continued, so …

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