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The United States, India, Japan and Australia have pledged to deliver one billion doses of the vaccine to Asia

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden and Australian Prime Ministers Scott Morrison, Narendra Modi of India and Yoshihide Suka of Japan have promised to deliver a billion doses of vaccine to Southeast Asia by the end of next year.

The four leaders announced it at the end of their first virtual meeting within the framework of the “Quad” on Security, aimed at countering China’s influence in the Indo – Pacific region.

Keeping the discussions open, Joe Biden ruled that it was “essential” that this part of the world be free and open.

“The United States is committed to working with you, our partners and all our allies in the region to ensure stability,” he said.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan discussed key issues for the region, such as freedom to navigate the South and East China Sea, the North Korean nuclear issue and the violent repression of protests in Burma.

Challenges representing China were also mentioned, although they were not the focus of most discussions.

“We renew our commitment to ensure that our region is governed by international law, and we are committed to upholding global values ​​and freeing ourselves from any coercion,” Joe Biden told China without naming intermediaries.

In a joint statement, the four leaders pledged to work closely together on the three files of anti-cow vaccination, global warming and protection.

(Edited by David Brunstrom, Michael Martina, Jeff Mason and Toina Siaku; French version by Jean-Stephen Bros.

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