Six images to create a “passive revolution”

Six images to create a “passive revolution”

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Since the accused (without proof!) Is the mother of all evils, inaction is the highest in these epidemics. More frequent control than selected. Some filmmakers, such as Federico Fellini, Yves Robert and Joel Goen, have tried to film the vacuum, the emptiness of a life without a plan leading to inaction. In their view, inaction sees a revolutionary accusation that doing nothing is an urgent demand for freedom.

“The Vitelloni” (1953): Denial of adolescence

Federico Fellini’s third film Undoubtedly A Personal View first appeared as a vague autobiography, a way to stage the memories of a young man spent in a province that condemns you to boredom. One day, you may find the energy leaving it.

Alberto, Fosto, Leopoldo, Moraldo and Ricardo, features of the film, have long been off the shores of youth, however, accepting the adult passage and the responsibilities it imposes. Work is what they are going to try to avoid or in any case, inevitably postpone as much as possible. Leopoldo (Leopoldo Triste) wrote plays that no one had ever read. According to Alberto (Alberto Sorty), he counts the money his sister earns from playing races.

Labor catches up with Fosto (Franco Fabrici), however, and is forced to marry a young woman who is pregnant by his works. Since then, under the kind but firm pressure of his mother-in-law, he was hired as a salesman in a devotional grocery store.

The relationship with the work of these big and childish inactives is integrated by this sequence, during which Alberto calls out loud from a car – Workers! (“Workers”!) – A group of road workers do it before giving them a better credit. Jean-Franோois Roger

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படம் Les Vitelloni », Italian film by Federico Fellini. Avec Franco Fabrici, Alberto Sordi, Franco Interlengi (1m49) Sur Lasinetech, Calvot.

“Blessed by Alexander” (1968): Between Two Worlds

Can we let this bad and faltering film slip into the movies that tell the events of May 68? Yves Robert (1920-2002), its director and humanitarian filmmaker, never intended to join this visionary audience.

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