A little bit of Australia in the rearview mirror

A little bit of Australia in the rearview mirror

The story is summarized in two words: “Nothing exactly happened in the life of Simon Crown. Thirty- Five years, he is already divorced. The radio station he owns is on the verge of bankruptcy. There was not even the slightest trace of opals in the mine where he had swallowed his last savings. The worst part is that he lives in a small town where the sun is shining, where the only right question is: beer or whiskey? Simultaneously captured with an unavoidable desire to do battle, Simon finds himself trapped in ridiculous, dangerous and perfectly interesting situations. So much for the maneuver (Thanks back cover).

What cannot be translated into a summary is the atmosphere of a novel. After two pages, it is already revealed in another place, another is confusing, it is puzzling because it is bad. Loss of reference. Strange geography, uncertain landscapes, out of phase relationship with time… Also, in this fringe world, a hero is on the margins.

The story in the background is a little important. No crazy twists, no unbearable suspense. It is, above all, a decoration, a local color, a form of destiny, which puts the hero in a long line of wonderful losers. How do you determine a good book? Tough question if one. However, once the book is closed and the same author wants to open another, the book should not be bad.

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