Why are “late shows” a real company in the United States?

What is life like for former presidents after the White House?

Late shows, those night time TV shows are a company in the United States. Their providers are real stars. They are called Stephen Colbert (CBS), Jimmy Kimmel (ABC), Jimmy Fallon (NBC) join Trevor Nova (Comedy Central).

Behind the often very eroding humor, everyone has considerable influence in the United States, which has the potential to erode an American president, but also a country like France. In this episode, the reporter is Lionel Kendron R.D.L. In New York, understanding these “late performances”, Their style, often through striking scenes with a political tone.

Born with celebrities in the 1950s Johnny Carson, These projects were gradually opened up to politicians. In 1992, one of them will definitely change the situation in this area. In the midst of the presidential campaign, Democratic candidate Bill Clinton is coming to play the saxophone, having difficulty in the election. He will be selected in a few weeks.

So their weight is undeniable. Having a “late show” has become a necessary position for American networks. The evidence for this is very conservative Fox News Launched his.

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