Обновлено: Весенняя презентация Apple пройдет 20 апреля

Updated: Apple’s spring presentation will take place on April 20th

Updated: Apple's spring presentation will take place on April 20th

The traditional spring presentation of the new Apple products will take place exactly one week later, on April 20th – the premature date was revealed by Privacy Voice Assistant Siri, which attracted attention Macroemers… Official calls are coming in the evening.

Updated: Apple's spring presentation will take place on April 20th

Updated (19:54): As expected, Apple sent out invitations to the event with a stylized logo and the slogan Spring Loaded – which will actually take place on April 20 at 20:00 in Kiev. According to one version, the slogan refers to the new Apple pencil stylus with a spring-loaded button.

The presentation should at least provide the new iPod Pro with advanced features. If you believe Recent leaks, The new mini-LED-backlit carpet screen will only go to the larger 12.9-inch iPod Pro model, while the smaller 11-inch variant will use the classic LED-backlit IPS panel. At the same time, the supply of the new iPod Pro will be very low at first. Perhaps, with the iPod Pro lineup, this is the debut IPod Mini6.

AirTake smart GPS trackers are expected again in 2020.

2020 turned out to be very useful for Apple – Cupertino introduced 19 new devices.

All 19 devices released by Apple in 2020. In a picture

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